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Concrete Restoration in Dallas

With a reputation for being the leading concrete specialists in Dallas, Smith Insulation has a proven track record in delivering top-quality restoration, installation and cool roof systems options to residential and commercial properties in the area. On top of that, our competitive prices, unmatched approach to customer service and convenient opening hours mean that when it comes to new builds, restoration or repairs in Dallas, we really should be the first number you call. Don’t take chances with other concrete restoration teams when the experts are here and ready for you. Call our office today to schedule a non-committal appointment or visit our website to learn more about the wide range of construction-related services we offer.

What Is Concrete Restoration?

As the name suggests, concrete restoration is simply the process of repairing old and damaged concrete. Concrete restoration can be used on everything from sidewalks and bridges to driveways and buildings. Restoring concrete helps return it to its original appearance both visually and functionally. The main difference between concrete repair and concrete restoration is that concrete repairs only focus on the structural issues, while concrete restoration fixes structural and aesthetic issues.

Reasons Why Concrete is Sometimes Required

For some people in Dallas, concrete is completely indestructible and will last forever. However, the fact of the matter is that those who work in the construction industry are aware that this is far from the case. While concrete is a strong and durable material, this doesn’t mean that it will last forever. Used in a range of heavy-based construction projects from bridges and water tanks to dams and large-scale buildings, concrete needs to be maintained and restored on a regular basis to ensure that it as strong as possible. Three of the most common reason why concrete may need to be restored are as follows:

  1. Corrosion of Rebar: In many architectural projects such as bridges and industrial water tanks, concrete is reinforced with steel rebar. The steel rebar is generally installed to ensure that the concrete doesn’t crumble. However, over time the rebar can become exposed and excess carbon dioxide can take hold. The corrosion of this rebar can cause it to crumble.
  2. Water Abrasion: There is no doubt about it, over time, water will wear away concrete. This is particularly true if the concrete is in regular contact with water tanks and dams.
  3. Freeze-Thaw Deterioration: If air isn’t sufficiently radiated into concrete, then it can become saturated with water. The problem is that when the temperature drops, it expands and can cause the concrete to crack.

Help Is at Hand

Whether you are a Dallas homeowner or a municipal manager, the fact of that matter is that concrete damage can be extremely worrying. However, thankfully help is at hand. With a wealth of experience in all parts of concrete restoration, there is no job too big for our team of qualified professionals at Smith Insulation. Don’t take chances with inferior teams when the number one option is here in Dallas.