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Concrete Restoration in Greenville

Are you looking for an affordable solution to your unsightly cracked, broken and unleveled concrete? At Greenville Insulation, we know that tearing out and installing new concrete is a time consuming and costly endeavor. The materials required as well as the labor are beyond the means of many homeowners in the Greenville area. Luckily, at Greenville Insulation we have a solution for you. We are skilled at using Polyurethane foam, which efficiently and effectively restores your concrete. We use Polyurethane site specifically as an injection to repair damaged concrete. This is far less expensive than a complete concrete overhaul and requires much less labor. This is a good option for the budget conscious as well as environmentally conscious client. The results are as long lasting and effective as concrete while being a fraction of the cost.

Concrete Repair Companies Near Me

A lot of homeowners have the assumption that concrete is indestructible. Construction crews and demolition teams, on the other hand, know that just isn’t true. Though the concrete structures of ancient Rome have lasted for thousands of years, modern concrete structures— made of rocks mixed with water and cement—can crumble in a little time as a few decades.

When a building’s concrete is damaged, the structural integrity of the building is compromised. Not only that, but the building’s insulation is also compromised when concrete is damaged. That’s because concrete when it is well-maintained has terrific insulation properties.

Do you want to get the most out of your investment? Call Greenville Insulation. We’ll restore your concrete by any means necessary. Do you need concrete curb repair? No problem. Do you need cement floor resurfacing services? We got you covered. We specialize in all forms of concrete restoration.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Greenville

Greenville Insulation are the local leaders in all forms of concrete work. Whether you need concrete resurfacing for your patio, concrete step repair, or general concrete patch repair, we can help you. We’ve worked hard to familiarize ourselves with all forms of concrete repair and restoration. Why? Because many concrete restoration projects require a variety of approaches to get the job done. While the inexperience of other concrete companies might get in the way of a job well done, our expertise ensures we’ll never cut corners on your concrete!

What are two of the most common uses for concrete? Driveways and sidewalks.

These are features that exist outdoors, which means they’re battered by the weather day-in-day-out. Not only that, they see a lot of literal traffic. Automobiles, heavy machinery, and lots of people put concrete sidewalks and driveways to use every day. Wear and tear is unavoidable. It is only natural that over time these surfaces will need to be restored.

Some of the signs your property might need sidewalk repair include:

  1. Alligator Cracks in Sidewalk: These are shallow cracks that resemble the skin of an alligator, as the name suggests.
  2. Buckling Concrete: If your sidewalk’s concrete is buckling (or warping), don’t hesitate to give Greenville Insulation a call.
  3. Drainage Problems: Do pools of water linger on your sidewalk for too long? Those lingering puddles and moisture are a big threat to healthy concrete. Poor drainage can result in water seeping between the cracks and damaging concrete further.
  4. Sinking Sidewalks: Many sidewalks sit on a compacted base of crushed stone. If this compacted base begins to erode, the sidewalk itself may sink. Is your sidewalk sinking? Call Greenville Insulation for assistance.
  5. Crumbling Edges: When concrete sidewalks are not protected by curbs, the edges can start to break apart.

A lot of companies will tell you that you need your concrete surfaces replaced, no matter how minor the damage is. When you work with Greenville Insulation, however, you can count on us to consider every possible option for you. If your concrete surface is worth restoring, then you can bet we will restore it.

How Does Polyurethane Work?

After exposing the concrete, we drill small holes in and around the specific areas that are in need of leveling or restoration. After drilling the holes and inserting ports, we fill them with Polyurethane by using a pump. The polyurethane fills the spots under the concrete slab that needs to be level, thus raising it up and allowing for easy repair of cracks and damages. This allows for the pre-existing concrete to be restored and saves time because we are not tearing it up completely or installing a whole new foundation. This is environmentally effective and efficient. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? The concrete is still useful, it just needs to be leveled and restored.

Common Signs your Concrete Needs to be Restored:

  • You see cracks in the walls and in the driveway
  • The ground is not level and is tilted, slanted, or curved
  • If you spot any cracks or un-even/sloping ground in your home, patio or driveway, it is best to consult a professional right away. These types of problems are safety hazards and can be damaging to tires and cause long lasting problems; such as: leaks, rot and mold if left un-treated. The sooner you address the problem, the better.

A Concrete Restoration Company You Can Trust

Greenville Insulations has taken pride in serving Greenville families and businesses for many years. We are a small family run business committed to quality client care and exceptional services. We know that in today’s tough economy, unforeseen problems can be a significant source of stress for homeowners. That is why we are passionate about providing safe, affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to our clients. Many concrete restoration providers will suggest complete tear ups of pre-existing concrete. This is simply not necessary. Polyurethane injections are proven to be just as efficient and are a fraction of the cost of a complete concrete overhaul. Call us today for a free estimate or request. We are confident that our knowledgeable team of experts will be able to find the ultimate solution when it comes to your concrete restoration needs.