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Cool Roof Systems in Greenville

On a sunny day, you might notice that people who live in Greenville and surrounding areas leave their homes wearing light-colored or white clothing. You might ask yourself why they’re doing that. But it’s not a fashion trend. Lots of people do this because the light-colored clothing helps them keep cool during those uncomfortably hot days.

Light colors reflect sunlight and heat, while dark colors absorb heat and light. If you have a dark-colored rooftop, it is going to absorb that heat. And where does all that absorbed heat go? Right into your home.

How can the people of Greenville fight off all that heat? With a cool roofing system.

People have only recently started to catch onto the cost-saving benefits of solar heat reflective roof coating. Scientists are now crediting white roofs with reducing what is known as the ‘urban heat island effect’. This is the effect that has had populated areas that are becoming increasingly hotter and hotter.

Cool roofing’s increasing popularity and its eco-friendly benefits are why Smith Insulation has worked hard to become one of the leading experts on cool roof installations. We’ve heard from clients with low-slope roofs, sloped roofs, and flat roofs who have all wanted to upgrade their existing roof to a cool roof system. With so many different roofs, most companies might only have expertise with one popular style of roof. But not Smith Insulation—we know how to determine exactly what approach is needed to give our clients the most energy-efficient roof design for their home.

Cool Coatings, Clay Tiles and More

Cool roofing systems can come in many different forms, and Smith Insulation is familiar with every one of them. There are single-ply sheets that are fastened and sealed over the existing roof, as well as thick coatings and tiling. Not every roof is the same, so determining which approach is right for you can be left to us. It doesn’t matter if you need a cool roof for your commercial property, your summer home or family residence—Smith Insulation can be trusted. We’ll make sure you get the reflective roofing that’s right for you.

Benefits of a Smith Insulation Cool Roof System

The benefits of cool roofs are endless. Cool Roofs are considered so energy-efficient, green and cost-effective that some countries have even created ‘Eco-Incentive Roof Programs’ where property owners are granted up to $50,000 to build a new cool roof.

The hotter your roof is, the hotter the inside of your home will be. How hot can a black roof get exactly? On a 90-degree day, a black roof can be as hot as 190 degrees! Having a naturally cooler home will make you and your family less dependent on your air conditioners, which use lots of electricity and can emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Cool roofing systems will also enhance your home’s curb appeal and extend the lifespan of your roof.

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