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Dallas Roofers

Your Dallas roof goes through a lot of wear and tear. The heat, the wind, the occasional freezing rain; all take a toll on the singles and flashing of your roof. Being part of ‘tornado alley’ Dallas does get some pretty strong winds so if the singles on your roof are not properly attached then you may soon need repairs.

Dallas roofers from Smith Insulation has the knowledge and experience to give you the reliable Dallas roof you need so you can have peace of mind. As a distributor and installer of Conklin roofing systems we offer one of the best products on the Dallas roofing market. Conklin's cool roof system offers our customers many attractive features, such as:

  • Reduce air conditioning bills
  • Increase roof durability
  • Reduce wear and tear on air conditioning equipment
  • Increase comfort of building occupants
  • Lower surrounding air temperature
  • Provide sustainable roofing systems
  • Allow recoat of the roof rather than tear off and re-roof

And that is not all; with Conklin Foam Roofing Systems and Ply Roofing Systems you get a layer of insulation that can help lower heating costs in the winter. When combined with one of our special roof coatings, they deliver year-round energy efficiency and help reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.

As seasoned Dallas roofers, Smith Insulation will be happy to help you choose the best roof for your needs at a competitive price. With all the benefits our products have to offer you will be sure to find the Dallas roofing system which meets your needs while exceeding your expectations. As a certified ENERGY STAR® rated product there is little reason not to make sure your next Dallas roof comes from Smith Insulation.


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