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Elastomeric Coatings

Weatherproofing Greenville

Not every roof that leaks needs a full renovation, some can be tended to with much less. If your roof is not drastically damaged, an elastomeric coating may be enough to solve your problems. Smith Insulation offers a high quality coating and the most professional installation in Greenville. Our coatings are incredibly durable and last for years. We also offer extensive warranty and maintenance programs. Home and business owners in Greenville who want to extend the longevity of their roofs call Smith Insulation for a premium elastomeric coating installed by the most well trained contractors available.

What is an elastomeric coating and why do I need it?

Elastomeric coatings are an incredibly flexible, high-build acrylic latex coating designed to provide durable mildew and dirt resistant water proofing for roofs and paint coatings. When the coatings are sprayed on they provide a near perfect leakage protection as well as an excellent method of conserving energy. Because they seal in the temperature of the house and repel sunlight naturally, they have a positive effect on hydro bills as well as maintenance bills. The low amount of maintenance required to keep the coating effective and the affordability of the coating makes them an easy decision for many home and business owners in Greenville.

Effective Coating, Professional Installation

Fixing a leaky roof is difficult and expensive. The best way for Greenville residents to solve that pesky problem (and gain a plethora of other benefits) is to install an elastomeric coating. Smith Insulation is a family run company that offers excellent customer service and a gold star BBB rating. We are community oriented and when they choose Smith Insulation, Greenville residents and business owners gain a partner who will work hand in hand to ensure any job is done to the highest standards.

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